Online dating apps on a mission to share shit chats with the world

I recently hit an important life milestone. 10,000 likes on Tinder. Wooo hooo!


Wow. With 10,000 likes, that must mean loads of matches on the human version of snap, and lots of dates right? Errr…

Actually no. Matches, yes, some. A handful of dates. And a LOT of shit chat.

That’s online shit chat chat by the way. I don’t often get to the actually-meeting-someone to have shit chat phase, due to the vast quantity of online shit chat I encounter.

This shit chat comes in various guises. Catfishing, weirdness and yoda-esque chat, creepy, strange and ridiculous chat, downright odd chat, and sometimes humorous chat. And if it’s not by nature humorous, I try to make it humorous by amusing myself with my witty* replies.

The significant amount of shit chat I’ve come across on dating apps – and not just Tinder, although Tinder users do have the best shit chat, IMO – is what inspired me to set up this blog. That and being bullied to set this up spurred on by my friends who find my stories about online dating so ridiculous.

I bought the url while under the influence of gin and egged on by said friends. was also available, but given the nature of shit chat being, well, shit chat, ‘info’ felt like a bit of a misnomer. ‘Guru’ feels a bit big if I’m honest, but my friends thought it was funny, and they thought it was appropriate given the number of shit chats I get involved in. And so, was born.

This blog’s mission – if you can call it that – is to share some of the shit chats I have. Maybe you’ll relate to them. Maybe they’ll amuse you. Maybe you’ll want to share your own shit chat stories – get in touch below or via the contact page if so, guest bloggers and comments will be welcome, it’ll be nice to know I’m not the only one experiencing shit chat (I do wonder sometimes).

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll find a normal dude one day and the days of shit chat will be over for me. But even if I do (unlikely any time soon given my experiences in the last couple of years), I chat a lot of shit anyway. So I could just continue this blog about other random stuff that comes out of my mouth. And I have a back catalogue of online dating shit chat to work through anyway – I always take screenshots – so there’s plenty of fodder for now.

And with that, let the shit chat commence!

*You can be the judge of whether they’re actually witty. But I amuse myself, so that’s the main thing.



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